Are you looking for best Cruises from Charleston SC?


Here we reviewed best best Cruises From Charleston at affordable rate. SC Travelling for the sake of pleasure in holidays has always been an excited idea for the people everywhere. Most people around the world consider going to beautiful and exciting place around the globe. Previously when there were not very good means of transportations then people spend their vacations with their families in their hometown. If we take an example of people from Britain then they previously used to go to these aside for spending their time with their families where they enjoyed swimming, horse riding and eating special candies at the seaside. With the passage of time, when revolutions come in the communications technologies, then trend in spending the vacations has also been changed around the globe. Now people prefer to go on cruises to maximize the enjoyment in their vacations. Charleston SC has become one of the best market in this cruise industry. People often looks for Cruises from Charleston SC to different places. It has become of the main part of travelling industry . if you want some awesome moment in the sea , you must take a cruise journey. Specially in night you can enjoy great scenarios with the moon light and with starts in the sky. Just imagine! Wow! right ?

A little about Cruising:

Before going to different Cruises From Charleston SC to other places , lets take a look on about cruising. A cruise ship is basically a passenger ship which is used for pleasure voyages around the world. It brings people to many different destinations as per their package. Now days there are other cruise liners who are also serving people for the transportation to different locations but they entertain only line voyages instead of round trips.

7 things the cruise lines hides from their potential customers:

While you are choosing a cruise package whether Cruises From Charleston SC or cruise from other places you must consider these 7 things.

When something bad happens to the cruise then the whole world knows about it like weather problem could delay the journey, similarly there could be some mechanical problem during the journey or there could be some stupid human error which could spoil your journey. In this case we can consider the incident of partial sinking of the Costa Concordia off the Italian coast in 2012.

Likewise a crime could be happen during the journey like sexual assault or any type of robbery at the port. For instance in 2012,22 passengers were robbed at gunpoint while returning from an excursion in PurtoVallarta,Maxico.Inshort, the cruisers need to be cautious during the voyage and don’t leave the caution to the wind.

Selecting the best cruising company for Charleston SC:

When it comes to the selection of the cruising company for your journey to Charleston SC for your voyage, then one should consider many factors to make your vacations remarkable.

1) The company should have a good market name.

2) The company should be offering some valuable packages for their customers.

3) The company should have good reviews regarding their past voyages.

4) The facilities inside the cruise ships for their travelers.

5) Is the cruise liner is giving market competitive packages to the potential customers.

Charleston SC :

Charleston, South Carolina (SC) is one of the most seasoned and most delightful urban communities in the United States. With its shocking horizon of chapel steeples and long history of religious resilience, Charleston is frequently alluded to as “The Holy City”. Charleston was settled in 1670 as Charles Towne, and was one of America’s biggest flourishing urban communities for almost two hundred years.

Charleston SC is also very famous among tourists and its cruises which not only providing awesome travelling pleasure to the  tourists but also generating huge amount of revenue as well.

Best cruises from Charleston SC:

If we talk about the best cruises from Charleston SC then we will find a tremendous amount of outstanding cruises which they are offering to the tourists.

Some of the cruises are mentioned below.

Carnival Ecstasy cruises from Charleston SC:

This is one of the best cruises which comprise of five days and it starts from Charleston, SC to Bahamas.

On day first, it departs from Charleston at 4:00 pm and on day 3 it will arrive at Nassau. From there it will again depart at 5:00 pm.During the visit the travelers will be entertain with the superb type of meals which also include outstanding desserts on request.

On day four, the cruise will arrive at Freeport and then after staying there for 10 hours it will again start journey towards its next destination. At Freeport tourist will be giving the Freeport kayak and also give them a chance to close encounter with the dolphins.

During the visit, the travellers can enjoy the superb type of cuisines and there is also an amazing water park on the cruise which is comprise of tremendous slides and rides for all.

There is also an on board spa where the tourists can enjoy several types of massages.

On day sixth, the journey will end and the cruise will arrive back to Charleston at 8:00 am.


Carnival Sunshine cruises from Charleston SC:

This is another great package from Charleston to Bahamas. The cost per person for this cruise is around $319.The start date for this tour is 29th Oct 2017 to 4th Nov 2017.This visit is also like Carnival Ecstasy. In this visit are travelers are also offered full stateroom with 24 hours room service. In dining some of the best dishes are included like Bonsai Sushi,Seaday Brunch and Cucina Del Capitano,Guy’s Burger Joint and Steak House.

Some of the other unique facilities on this tour are availability of the Pub Bar, Sports Bar and Serenity Adult Only Retreat.


Eastern Caribbean cruises from Charleston SC:

This is another great travelling experience offered by Charleston Cruise line. It is a 7 day visit to eastern Caribbean from Charleston. In the cruise the destinations are Charleston, GrandTurk, Nassau and Half Moon Cay.

The cost per person for this tour is around $479 per person. The dates for this tour has been set from 8thDec 2017 to 16 Dec 2017.In this tour, Half Moon Cay and the Grand Turk are the new destinations. At Half Moon Cay, there are beaches up to 9 miles and 1700-acre interior Lagoon and exotic vegetation. Some of the other unique experience at Half Moon Cay are horse riding at the beach and in the sea, Stingray adventure, snorkeling by boat and Tropical Kayak Adventure

Grand Turk is also a very fantastic destination which was named after the Turk Cap Cactus. It is also known for its superb snorkeling experience where you can see the beauty of the sea. Itsshore is full of stingrays and unique type of fishes and the snorkeling experience is unique at this place.


Bermuda from Charleston, SC :

This is also one of the best trip offered by Charleston,SC.In this tour,the giant cruise gives travellers the unique experience to Bermuda from Charleston,SC.Its a seven day visit and the cost per person is $839.Two destinations are covered under this tour i.e. Charleston and Bermuda.Bermuda is one of the oldest colony of Britain and it is famous for its unique beaches and the fantastic sea water. Similarly,one can find the outstanding coral reef and sea creatures over here.This is just like a dream to be here in such a beautiful place on earth. The pink sand on the beaches here is a unique experience for everyone’s George Town is also one of the greatest heritage site where visitors come from everywhere. While other worth seeing places at Bermuda are world class museum, aviary and aquarium etc.


Carnival Glory cruises from Charleston SC :

The Carnival Glory cruise offers the five day trips to the Freeport and Nassau and six and seven day visit to the Bahamas and Key West. In this trip,childerns will enjoy the waterslide, an specific area for video games, dance parties, late night movies and karaoke.Simmilarly Camp Carnival also provide superb activities to the children.

In the same way, the adults can enjoy in the adults-only area, check out the 22 themed lounges, play golf , can enjoy the event in the 1400 seat Amber Palace show club.

Meanwhile, everyone on the cruise can enjoy concerts, news and sporting events on the Theatre’s 12 foot by 22 foot big LED screen with a big sound system. Majority of the staterooms of Carnival Glory, offers an ocean view and private balcony as well.


Celebrity Mercury cruises from Charleston SC:

Celebrity Mercury cruises from Charleston SC is appropriate for those travelers who give preference to the variety of ports. This trip comprise off 11 day cruises with stops at the western Caribbean cities of Key West,Cozumel,BelizeCity, Puerto Costa Maya and Nassau and also eastern Caribbean cities of Puerto Rico,St.Thomas and St.Kitts.In this trip, the cruise ship namely “Conde Nast Traveler” which also have a very good ranking offers Michael’s Club with hand rolled cigars and fine cognacs, the Aqua Spa with a variety of therapies and even an art collection of more than 450 original works by famous artists like Jasper Johns and Christo.

Likewise, the cruise ship cruises from Charleston SC have a variety of dining options as well like two level Manhattan Restaurant and a champagne bar along with a tea service which is offering cakes and pastries to Gourmet Bites from midnight to 1 a.m.




Blount Small Ship Adventures: Southern Antebellum:


This travel from Charleston to Jacksonville,Florida is total 8 day travel. While you are visiting , you can enjoy awesome and very beautiful sights around . You will have really some great experience while travelling.


Blount Small Ship Adventures:

This awesome ship Adventures takes you towards northward from Charleston to Philadelphia. You will be 10 days in the ship and you will not understand how quickly time goes away. Full of natural beauty around you, just amazing!  During the visit you will see different ports. These ports are South & North Carolina, Maryland and Virginia. If you want to enjoy log river walk, you can easily do it in Wilmington. You can also see the Liberty Bell and other outstanding sights. It will be really worth giving it a try. If you go for this voyage, it will give some great experience that you can hare proudly with your friends and relative. And it will be really a good one!


American Cruise Lines cruises from Charleston SC:

It provides a great service for the travel lovers . They are providing some great service in this market.  This voyage will be almost 7 days if you go with American cruise lines. While travelling it will touche southern cities of Savannah, Beaufort and Charleston. You can enjoy sea pine forest and can see native Americans also. At last, this cruise ends at Jacksonville, Florida.



Crystal Serenity:

There’s a reason Crystal is reliably voted a fan most loved among extravagance voyage aficionados. Yes, 535-stateroom Serenity is currently more charming than any other time in recent memory, having risen up out of a sensational $52 million makeover as a part of a $120 million armada change that started in May 2011. The individuals who long for the dark tie polish of yesteryear’s travels will think that its daily in the midst of the enchanted giggling and ringing glasses in Serenity’s lounge areas and parlors. You can take this awesome cruise if you want to travel from Charleston SC to other ports.

Dispatched in 2003, Crystal Serenity is the most youthful of Crystal’s boats; close kin Crystal Symphony propelled five years after the fact. Most noteworthy about the vessel itself is that Crystal Serenity has profited from over 10 years of development with the journey line.


While proposed tipping rules had been distributed for quite a long time by Crystal – $5 every day for lodge stewards and servers, $3 every day for right hand servers, $5 every day for associate head servants, et cetera.



In short, cruising is of course a great part of this industry of tourism. Almost 19 million travelled only in 2011 and of course its increasing day by day. This industry has value of 29.4 billion dollars in the same year 2011. Although this is not a new part of tourism. It been almost nine to ten years when people started using this industry and day by day its popularity is increasing. With other cities, Charleston has received a huge part in this industry. They are not only cost effective but also they are providing awesome services. After analyzing the lucrative packages of cruises from Charleston SC, one can predict that it will be the top priority for the travelers around the world in upcoming years.